Lab Services

Our full-service analytical laboratory gets to the bottom of your needs. Our specialists offer dozens of services and complete testing, reporting, and data tracking to improve production and flow performance.

We cover everything, including ICP water analysis, chemical residue analysis, corrosion coupons, paraffin analysis, API gravity measurement, Cloud Point/Pour Point determination, and asphaltene content. We do failure analysis and bacterial enumeration, as well as oil content of injected waters.

Our Full-Service analytical laboratory also offers:

  • Membrane Filtration / Suspended Solids Analysis
  • Bacterial Enumeration and Kill Studies + ATP
  • Quality Control Testing
  • XRD Solid Identification
  • TPH (Total Percent Hydrocarbons)
  • Microscopic Coupon Analysis
  • Failure Analysis And Identification

If you're interested in putting our labs to work, Contact Us.