Manufacturing and Logistics

At Imperative Chemical Partners, every chemical is manufactured according to exact specifications ensuring optimal performance. Our large-scale manufacturing facilities are dedicated to manufacturing top quality products that are instrumental in meeting the exact chemical needs of our customer base.

As evidence to our commitment to safety, our explosion-proof facilities are fully compliant with all industry safety standards and regulations for hazardous material handling. These sites feature large-capacity stainless steel mixing vessels, liquefiers and special heat rooms that optimize solubility. Imperative’s tank farm is uniquely extensive and possesses the capability to store an enormous amount of bulk raw materials with sealed stationary lines to ensure scalability. And our reverse osmosis system ensures the use of clean, high-quality water in manufacturing which is imperative for surpassing the highest of industry standards for our products.

To learn more about how our manufacturing services can benefit your operation, visit our Services page for more details.

Logistics can be a complicated undertaking when it comes to making sure so many moving parts arrive where they need to be on time. Imperative boasts an extensive fleet and a team of experts who specialize in the planning and logistics of applied oilfield chemistry.

We streamline field chemicals like few others in the industry, and you can rely on our crew to handle everyday activities such as tank setup and filling. We can even arrange bulk transfers for maximum efficiency.

With a wide range of flexible delivery options from truck treating and frac pit bleaching to continuous injection, route delivery, batch treatments, bulk delivery and capillary injection, our fleet does it all.

  • Fiberglass Water Tanks
  • Lower Pressure Chemical Pumps (0 – 200 PSI)
  • High Pressure Chemical Pumps (200 – 1500 PSI)
  • 20 – 30 Ft High Pressure Treating Hose
  • Flat Beds With Side Rails For Easy Accessibility
  • Lifting Cranes
  • Low Volume Chemical Pumps