Imperative Chemical Partners will maintain, meet and exceed an HSE program conforming to all regulatory standards as well as adopt all safety and operating policies of operators/customers we are in partnership/working with while achieving our core competencies:


Zero tolerance for hazardous conditions in our work environment. This includes not just being mindful of our own company and employees but also the wellbeing of our customers and communities in which we operate. Strict adherence to prevailing laws, regulations and ethical standards is a cornerstone of our organization.


At Imperative Chemical Partners, we conduct extensive drug and alcohol testing, and expect all employees to accept responsibility for their safety, the safety of those around them and the ongoing environmental stewardship. Safety and communication meetings are regular, and we conduct continuous reviews for improvement of safety policies and procedures. Our organization maintains a strong safety culture because all of our employees follow the best practices and protocols we have worked so hard to create.


This organization prides itself on exemplary environmental performance. We hold ISNetworld, PEC Premier, Veriforce and OQSD pipeline compliance memberships and certifications, and operate all facilities and field operations in strict accordance with regional, state and federal regulatory guidelines.


All critical HSE data, company wide, is collected and managed in a HSE management system that allows performance incentives, internal audits and continuous improvement. We believe that thorough training, continuous education, personal responsibility and accountability help build a culture of safety and responsibility.

Imperative Chemical Partners will always be proactive of conditions in all work areas that can produce personal injuries, injury to others, environmental damage or property damage. No employee is required to work at a job he or she knows is not safe or healthful. Employee cooperation and teamwork in detecting hazards and, in turn, controlling them is a condition of employment within Imperative Chemical Partners.