Even for the most experienced chemists, oilfield chemicals can be complex. Imperative experts simplify product selection and logistics to make it easy to get effective, economical oilfield and pipeline chemicals.


Oilfield environments favor the growth of anaerobic bacteria, which create many adverse effects in oil and gas systems. These anaerobic bacteria often thrive in oxygen-free systems and, if unchecked, the proliferation of sulfate reducing species can result in numerous well challenges. These challenges include:

  • Microbially influenced corrosion
  • Metal embrittlement
  • Iron sulfide deposits
  • Plugging
  • Decreased injectivity in water flood and disposal systems
  • Generation of H2S

Because complete removal of bacterial populations from producing and injection formations is virtually impossible, the most effective approach is to diminish them and limit further growth through proper chemical application. We develop and manage complete custom treatment programs to negate the effects of bacterial contamination in your production system.

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