Even for the most experienced chemists, oilfield chemicals can be complex. Imperative experts simplify product selection and logistics to make it easy to get effective, economical oilfield and pipeline chemicals.

Foamers / Defoamers

The addition of foaming surfactants to de-liquefy gas wells can result in excessive liquid carryover and reduce separation of solids and oil from water. These reactions can cause issues like:

  • Reduced capacity of pumps and storage tanks
  • Diminished pump efficiency
  • Drainage problems in sieves and filters
  • Lessened efficiency in high-pressure separators

While the terms “antifoam” and “defoamer” are often used interchangeably, an antifoam is typically added to prevent foaming, while a defoamer is used to eliminate existing foaming conditions. Our technologically advanced antifoams and defoamers effectively eliminate foaming problems across a broad spectrum of oil and gas industry applications including gas scrubbing, gas-oil separation, drilling muds and asphalt processing.

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