Even for the most experienced chemists, oilfield chemicals can be complex. Imperative experts simplify product selection and logistics to make it easy to get effective, economical oilfield and pipeline chemicals.

Minimization of iron particulates in fluid is essential to maintain flow assurance in acid, fracturing, production, pipeline, refining and water treatment systems. The precipitation of iron minerals and iron corrosion by-products can have adverse effects on all facets of the oil and gas industry:

  • Permeability impairment of reservoirs and resulting loss of production
  • Loss of injectivity in water disposal and injection systems
  • Interfacial pads in surface vessels that inhibit the separation of oil and gas and harbor damaging bacterial colonies
  • Pipeline capacity reduction
  • Refining issues that result in decreased output
  • Sludging in acid systems

Imperative provides an extensive and varied line of iron control compounds to ensure cost effective and sustainable solutions to minimize and negate iron related issues, such as:

  • Iron Chelating/Complexing Agents
  • Iron Reducing Agents
  • Iron Dissolvers
  • Oxidizers

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