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Iron Sulfide Control

Iron sulfide presents many challenges in the oil and gas industry. Its presence indicates a problem in the production stream and will cause problems across all aspects of production and transmission. Iron sulfide causes corrosion by bonding to metal surfaces and causing an electrochemical reaction that degrades metal. It can also trap water and other contaminants under its surface causing localized pitting that can be catastrophic. Iron sulfide can also cause flow assurance and plugging issues by restricting flow or closing off formation channels. Iron sulfide can be controlled and remediated through a variety of methods including acid dissolution, oxidation, and chelation.

It is most often formed from:

  • Natural H2S reactions with corrosion byproducts
  • SRB reduction of sulfates to H2S interacting iron
  • Mixing of incompatible fluids

Imperative has created a proprietary chemistry, WTW-931, to combat iron sulfide. WTW-931 is a versatile chemical that can be used to remove iron sulfide deposits, sludge, and interfaces. Its unique action also can control SRB populations and deodorize fluid and gas streams.

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