Drill string and tool complications can burden the most innovate drill plan with painful costs and delays. Whether you’re facing friction, stuck pipes or tool failures, Imperative Chemical Partners can advise your drilling team on the chemicals you need to execute with maximum efficiency and fewer surprises; all while working with you to make the experience simple and hassle-free.

We’re a proven partner in keeping drilling operations efficient. Our experts know what you need to protect mission-critical drilling KPIs by helping prevent excess torque and drag, avoid metal pitting and fatigue, improve operational safety, streamline surface mixing and avoid wellbore damage. And we work with your crew to help adjust your chemical program as you move into completion and initial production. For more on our drilling chemical products and the different challenges they can address, click on a link below or visit our product page.


Well productivity can be limited by the effects of formation damage and low permeability of the reservoir rock. Carbonate minerals and some iron compounds dissolve readily in acid, and acidizing has been a successful method for stimulating production in carbonate reservoirs for years.

While hydrochloric acid is the most commonly used compound in stimulation of carbonate reservoirs, secondary damage from hydrochloric acidization may occur if proper chemical additives are not applied.

We supply specialty formulated chemistries including gelling systems, cross-linkers, acetic acidizing systems and pressure diversion products to help remedy:

  • Down-hole emulsions
  • Hydrocarbon sludging
  • Iron bases sludges
  • Improper wetting of formation

Soap Sticks

Imperative’s proprietary line of soap sticks was designed to maximize gas production at a competitive price point. In developing our stick line, we worked directly with a leading manufacturer to optimize chemistries and test against like-kind products.

If you are interested in increasing gas production and reducing operating costs, Contact Us today.

Water Treatment

Nearly 50 billion barrels of produced water are generated daily by thousands of wells across the United States. While operators and contractors do their best to recycle and reuse much of this produced water, disposal of the remaining liquids and solids is still necessary—and highly regulated. Imperative can help formulate and select advanced saltwater disposal chemistries focused on effective and economical treatment of injected wastewater.

We partner with each of our customers to make sure they always have what they need to maintain compliance. In addition, we help protect financial performance through better skim oil ratios—and chemicals that minimize buildup of iron sulfides, tank bottom solids and scale that can cause increased wellhead pressures and equipment damage. For more on our water treatment products and the different challenges they can address, click on a link below or visit our product page.